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October Newsletter- Falling for you

Welcome to our October newsletter!
October is in full swing! If you’d like to send out awesome holiday cards, featuring your family having fun and free of the stress that can accompany the days right before the holidays, get a jump on it and book a session with Stylish & Hip Kids now.

And to make our point, we have some lovely specimens of what we’ve been up to in recent weeks, which illustrate the various configurations that your session could undertake.

But how could we move on without saying a word about the video above. It’s awesome! We can’t thank Heather Weyrick, enough for the amazing job she did putting that together. Aside from just being fun to watch, the video is also a super secret sneak peak of great things to come with the forthcoming (soon, soon, we promise) new Stylish & Hip Kids website!

Keep posted for more info on that, keep warm, eat soups, go apple picking, and as always show love by sharing the newsletter or just hitting us up. And now on to the pictures!

– love love love xoxoxo Mariliana and Stylish & Hip Kids Photography

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October and September are gorgeous times to get pictures taken. The light is soft, the leaves are brilliant, and the weather hasn’t yet decided to be a thorn in your side. Trying to think of what you might want your SHK session to be like? Here are some ideas of what it might look like, and the different environments where it could play out.


Pictures come easy when everybody is comfortable, and being in the familiarity of your own home can help both you and your children relax and let true personality shine. We love sharing moments with you in your native environment, plus there is always the added benefit of not having to get everybody out the door at one time.