Who is that Stylish & Hip Kid?

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Stylish & Hip Kids was born of the laughter of children running through sprinklers on a hot summer day. We strive to make our sessions about having fun together. It is in that space where the camera fades from the center of attention, where we can capture gorgeous and natural images of your family.

Stylish & Hip Kids is a family affair, with Mariliana Arvelo as our creative director and brilliant mind behind the camera, and her husband Noah Goodman running errands, building websites, and writing all kinds of silliness in the SHK newsletters.

Mariliana was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, but is inspired on the daily by her adopted home of New York City. She is always on the lookout for perfect walls and locations in the city to set the tone for a new SHK session, but even when in the studio the city’s energy underlies her work.

We also call on a large extended family of photographers and artists who inspire and collaborate with us. Among their ranks are photographers Jonica Moore and Jonas Hidalgo, as well as Miranda Bruce, whose beautiful illustrations you’ll find throughout this website, and Heather Weyrick creator of the gorgeous SHK video you’ll find on the Kids page.