Week 2 At Home

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Staying engaged with ourselves and our kids

Hey all,

Like many of you, we spent the last week building our homeschooling chops; FaceTiming with family and friends; and trying to find a rhythm that includes being present with our kids, finding time to work, and figuring out how to stay informed without obsessing. We want to continue sending this newsletter to share our experience and resources we’ve found along the way. Hopefully, this will be helpful for you and therapeutic for us.

Scroll down for some resources, Instagram Livestreams, some great guides from Noah’s colleagues at the Center for Children & Technology, and drum roll please….the first installment of our photography challenge!

As always, share this newsletter and please share your experiences.

– love love love xoxoxo Mariliana and Noah Stylish & Hip Kids Photography

Photography Challenge 1: The Letters of the Alphabet

For the next couple of weeks—or as long as we’re having fun with it—we’ll be sending out weekly photography challenges you can complete at home by yourself or with your kids. The challenges will be simple and don’t require fancy equipment or artistic ability. We’d love if you share pictures with us, but you shouldn’t feel obligated. We’ll be playing along ourselves and will share a selection of pictures the following week.

This week’s challenge is to find the letters of the alphabet in your home. Be creative and look for forms (rather than the actual letters). Check out the two examples we’ve provided below of a J and a Y. If you’d like to share, you can email pictures to hello@stylishhipkids.com, or post to instagram and tag them with #SHKChallenge.

Example alphabet pictures: J and Y

Instagram Livestreams

We’ve been working on a homeschool schedule that is analog in the morning (arts, crafts, reading, and movement) when the kids are more calm and centered, and more tech-enhanced in the afternoon. That tech-enhanced revolves strongly around FaceTime with friends and interacting with Instagram livestreams. There are so many folks offering livestreams now that it’s a bit dizzying, but we wanted to highlight two that we’ve been really enjoying.

Author/illustrator Oliver Jeffers has been reading his books M-F at 2pm. He discusses his writing and artistic process and plans to begin illustrating as well. See the picture below for this week’s lineup. We’ve also really dug on the Puppetsburg classes Wednesdays at 4:30.

Finally, if like us you’d prefer to watch livestreams on your computer rather than your phone, you can install the Chrome browser plugin IG Stories for Instagram.

Keeping yourself engaged

Finally, if you’re looking for excuses to not read the news, why not take an online class? Domestika has launched a #stayathome campaign and is offering a range of creative courses for free. We’ve been checking out the Drawing and Creativity for Big Little Artists course. Note: while all courses have subtitles in English, most were recorded in Spanish. So for some of you, this could also be a great opportunity to brush up on your Spanish-language skills with an authentic task.